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The Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) is the coordinating organisation of Orthodox Synagogues throughout SouthAfrica. It is the largest Jewish religious organisation in the country catering to the needs of 95%of the Jewish community.

The UOS maintains an internationally recognized Beth Din, which provides a comprehensive range of specialist services essential to the preservation of Jewish religious life. These include marriage, divorce (GET), conversion, adoption and legal disputes, as well as maintaining religious standards and providing guidance for the overall orthodox direction of Jewish South Africa.

The Office of the Chief Rabbi provides unified national leadership for the South African Jewish community through Torah principles and values. The Chief Rabbi engages with the national network of UOS Shuls, as well as many communal organisations, in order to strengthen and guide Jewish life in all areas. As a national religious leader representing the Jewish community and Torah values, the Chief Rabbi is involved with the South African government, media and civil society, with the aim of sanctifying G-d's name, fostering tolerance and peace, and contributing to moral regeneration.

The UOS Kashrut Division supervises the production of kosher foodstuffs to the highest possible standard. There are approximately 1400 companies, 12000 products, and over 70000 ingredients under constant Kashrut supervision by the Beth Din. This is an ongoing process which is carried out by our busy Kashrut department.

The UOS fights missionaries, cults and all pernicious groups targeting Jews for conversion. Jews for Judaism is an international outreach organisation aimed at countering these insidious endeavours and is truly effective in "bringing Jews home".

The UOS publishes a regular magazine Jewish Tradition, which highlights synagogue activities, and issues of religious importance and moral concern to the Jewish public.

The Community Development Division is solely dedicated and committed to enabling and supporting our affiliated Synagogues to meet the needs of their members and potential members in order to secure their future.

Our focus is to assist our affiliates in maximizing their potential and achieving excellence in their core activities.

We have assembled a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals, and will share tried and tested techniques based on best practices in the most successful communities in South Africa.We will be providing ongoing support in these areas.

With its essential range of services, the UOS is instrumental in ensuring Jewish life is properly maintained and will continue to flourish throughout South Africa.

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