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Within an eruv, you can carry outside your home in the same way as you can in your own house and garden. All other Shabbat restrictions are unaffected.

You may:
  • Carry house keys.
  • Carry food or drink for use on Shabbat.
  • Carry tallit.
  • Carry books (e.g. chumash or siddur).
  • Carry required medication.
  • Carry clothes, (e.g. coat, gloves or handkerchief).
  • Carry reading glasses.
  • Push a baby pram or wheelchair.

You may not:
  • Carry a cell phone or other items which are muktseh (forbidden to be touched on Shabbat).
  • Carry anything which is to be used only after Shabbat.
  • Carry or open an umbrella.
  • Engage in weekday activities which are not in the spirit of Shabbat;such as riding a bike, or going shopping (even on credit or where payment is not involved).

If you are unsure whether a particular activity is permitted, please consult your Rabbi.

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