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Jews for Judaism is the only international, full-time counter-missionary, counter-cult, educational, outreach and counselling organization dedicated to countering the multi-million-dollar efforts of deceptive missionary and cult groups that target the Jewish community for conversion.

As assimilation and Jewish apathy continue to rise at an alarming rate, the Jewish community is confronted by the increasing efforts of fundamentalist Christian missionaries.

Each year, over eight hundred different missionary groups spend in excess of $250 million towards converting Jews. They utiilize new, sophisticated and deceptive techniques, such as making Christianity appear Jewish in order to attract converts.

Jews for Judaism has offices in Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, South Africa and a network in Israel, Europe, Australia, and the former Soviet Union. It is the only full-time counter-missionary resource center in the world which works exclusively to monitor and combat deceptive Christian missionary efforts.

Jews for Judaism has also responded to requests for monitoring, counselling and educational programming on cult groups and their activities in the Jewish community.

Jews for Judaism has three primary goals:

  • Preventative education
  • Re-uniting families
  • Bringing Jews "home"

Jews for Judaismworks with all segments of the Jewish community and stands as the only full-time, world-wide counter-cult and counter-missionary organization, Among the services which the organization provides:

Exit & Family Crisis Counseling -
Individual sessions with people who are affected by cults or missionary groups.

Lectures -
Stressing preventative education for Jewish groups to address the problem more directly and effectively.

Classes -
Multi-session in-depth study programs presenting an analysis of missionary claims and the Jewish response.

Internet Programming -
Comprehensive interactive web site for dissemination of educational material. On-line chats and a regular e-mail publication.

Media Campaigns -
Advertising and news articles designed to heighten Jewish communal awareness of the threat of cult and missionary groups.

Monitoring / library and Archives -
Tracking the activities of over 800 missionary groups and 100 cult groups worldwide that target Jews for conversion In so doing Jews for Judaism has assembled a vast collection of missionary and counter-missionary materials.

Books, literature, Tapes-
Producing an extensive selection of counter-missionary literature, and providing for its distribution and dissemination

One of Jews for Judaism's outstanding accomplishments is that it unites Jews of diverse backgrounds in a common cause. We have earned the endorsement of a wide spectrum of Jewish community agencies, leaders and rabbis.

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