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Kosher fish is Halachically defined as having fins and scales. Fish is considered Parev until it is prepared in a milk or meat vessel. Jewish law forbids the cooking, serving and eating of fish and meat at the same time.

There are thousands of varieties of fish, sold for food in South Africa and it would be almost impossible to list them all. To assist the Kosher consumer, we have listed the most popular species which are commonly used.


Bream Sole Sardines
Hake Anchovies Yellowfin Tuna
Haddock Mackerel Carp
Herring Angelfish Tongol Tuna
Salmon Pilchards Butterfish
Trout Kabeljou Kingklip
Albacore Red Roman Stock Fish
Tuna Skipjack Tuna Euthynnus Tuna
Maas Banker Seventy Four Steenbras
Stump Nose Snoek  

When buying frozen Kosher fish please ensure that there is skin at least on one side of the fish.

SMOKED FISH - (Only with Rabbinic Certification)

Salmon Haddock Angelfish
Moonfish Butterfish Trout
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