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All equipment e.g. wire-grater, bowls, knives and utensils etc. must be kept for the purpose of Kashering Liver ONLY. A separate braai or a separate grid for your existing braai should be used for the kashering of liver. The Beth Din strongly recommends that the oven or grill should not be used for the Kashering of liver as improper use of the oven and grill will cause them to become treif.

  1. The liver must be rinsed thoroughly.
  2. Slits in the shape of a cross must be made in the liver.
  3. Place the rinsed liver on the wire grid.
  4. Place the grid on the fire.
  5. Sprinkle salt (not too coarse, and not too thin) lightly over the liver.
  6. Braai until all parts are fit to be eaten and until the surface of the liver has become dry.
  7. The liver must be rinsed off thoroughly again.
  8. The liver is now ready to be used in any way -roasting, frying etc.
  9. All equipment that was used for the liver must be washed separately. (NOT IN KOSHER SINKS)
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