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The Kashrut Department has analysed an extensive range of the most commonly prescribed and used medications for use on Pesach.

The sheer number of different medications available makes it impossible to list each and every alternative.

As a general rule creams and non-chewable pills may be used during Pesach for someone that is medically ill (even if it is not life-threatening) even if these pills contain Chametz. The reason is because the Chametz is not being eaten in its regular way, as well as appearing in an inedible form.

Nevertheless, we customarily try to avoid pills that contain Chametz if an alternative Chametz-free pill is available. If this is not possible, it is recommended that the pill should be swallowed, wrapped in a piece of lettuce or single ply tissue.

If a liquid medication (syrup) or chewable pill that contains Chametz is required (if it is not life-threatening), it is necessary to replace it with a non-chewable alternative (even if this non-chewable pill may contain Chametz).

Medicines which contain Kitniyot are permitted on Pesach.

In all cases, DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to any of your normal prescribed medication (whether pills or liquids) without first consulting both your doctor and your Rabbi.

How to understand the medicine list:

Items marked "Chametz" - see above. Please note the difference between non-chewable pills and liquid medications
Items which have been prescribed by a doctor and do not appear on this list, may be taken if no suitable alternative is available. It is recommended that such tablets be swallowed, wrapped in a piece of lettuce or single ply tissue.
"KITNIYOT" - are permitted as above
Items marked "DC" have dairy content

To view the entire list of Pesach Medication in "Excel" format simply click on the icon below. Alternatively use the search facilty below to find information on specific medicines.

  Pesach Medicines 2018 / 5778

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