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Jewish Tradition, the prestigious official magazine of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa, is distributed countrywide via our wide network of affiliated Orthodox Synagogues and community centers as well as to Jewish day schools and at specifically selected retail outlets.

The Jewish Tradition has evolved significantly since its first publication in March 1954 and was re-launched some years ago and again in 2012 as a trend-setting glossy periodical which reflects the multiplicity of activities of the UOS and our community in general. Its presentation and content ensure that it is of interest to business people & professionals, decision-makers & consumers, young & mature alike.

All funds raised from advertising and subscriptions go towards further strengthening the essential range of services provided by the UOS in safeguarding and preserving traditional Jewish life in South Africa.

As the umbrella organisation for the majority of synagogues and communities in South Africa, the UOS is a powerful entity in the life of the SA Jewish community. It is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Organisation, incorporating the following vital departments

  1. The Office of the Chief Rabbi - which is exclusively administered and funded by the UOS
  2. The Beth Din (Jewish Ecclesiastical Court)
  3. The Kashrut Division
  4. Community Development Division
  5. Jews for Judaism

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